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LOOP Survey members earn money for answering questions about the products and services they use on an everyday basis. Earn $2 just for signing up and $1 for every friend you refer!

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How Does It Work?

Once you join LOOP Surveys you will be invited to participate in online studies via email. Your responses will be used to shape new products and services and each quality response you provide will be compensated for.

Why Should I Take Part?

We value your opinions, and as a way of saying thank you for sharing them with us, we’ll reward you for every survey that you complete. We’ll also reward you for friends that you refer to LOOP Surveys, not to mention your opinions directly shape new products and services designed for people just like you!

Are My Answers Confidential?

Your personal information will remain confidential at all times. Your answers will be provided anonymously in aggregate, and we will never try to sell you anything.

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About Loop Surveys

Loop Surveys is a leading provider of research studies for consumers across North America.

Loop Surveys was established in 2017 by The Logit Group, an accredited Canadian research company, as a tool for companies to better understand the opinions of North American consumers. Since its inception, Loop Surveys has grown to over 250,000 members, spanning the entire North American continent.

Loop Survey members take part in online market research studies on a wide variety of topics. For every study one of our members complete they get paid cash!

There is no cost to participate on Loop Surveys.

MRIA / ARIM logo

The Logit Group, founders of Loop Surveys, are gold seal members of the Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) as well as standing members of The Insights Association. We adhere strictly to their guidelines and regulations for conducting market research.

We are fully compliant with both US and Canadian anti spam legislation. You will only receive market research relevant emails from us and your email will never be shared with a third party client.

The answers that you provide us are completely confidential and will never be shared. All answers provided will be shared in aggregate and your personal information will never be attached or associated with the data. Please read our privacy policy.

How do I get paid?

As a Loop Surveys member you will be paid for every study you complete. The amount you are paid will be determined by the length and topic of the study. In addition, you will be paid 200 points for confirming your email and 100 points for every friend that you refer. Once your account has reached a minimum of 2500 points, you can cash out your account and will receive either a $25 pre-paid virtual or physical VISA card depending on the card you select. The cards can be redeemed wherever VISA is accepted.

How do I benefit from participating in surveys?

In addition to influencing the design or modification of products or services by voicing your opinions, you will be paid for every survey you complete.

Why do you ask personal information in your survey?

We ask questions about your demographics, interests, employment, purchasing behaviors, and online usage to determine which studies would be the best fit for you and your opinions. The privacy of your data is important to us and will never be shared at any time.

How do I become a member of Loop Surveys?

To become a member of Loop Surveys, simply fill out the join form. Once you have completed the form an email will be sent to the email you have registered. Be sure to click on the confirmation link in the email to confirm your membership.

I completed one of your surveys, but wasn't asked for my name or mailing address. How will I receive my reward?

When an email with a survey invitation is sent to you, there is a unique link (URL) that will connect you to the survey. This is how we know it was you who completed the study. The reward is credited to your account and you can accumulate and cash out whenever you like above the minimum.

How do I update or change my personal information, including my email address?

You may update or modify your registration information by logging into Loop surveys and modifying it from your profile page.

Can I register more than once as a member (will I get more invitations)?

No, each member can be registered once only. We are interested in capturing multiple opinions and in the name of fairness your opinion can only be counted once. Any member found to have multiple accounts will be removed from Loop Surveys.

When I click on the link, nothing happens / the link appears to be invalid. What should I do?

If clicking on the link does not let you access the survey, please copy and paste the link into the address/location bar of your browser. The link may be cut across two lines or more. If it is, you may have to copy and paste each line separately, removing any spaces.

How will I know if I have a survey to complete?

You will receive an email invitation each time a new survey becomes available. Additionally, you may log into your account at any time to view all surveys currently available to you.

Is there a cost to being a Loop Surveys members?

No! Being a Loop Surveys panelist is free, we will never ask you for a payment. We pay you for your opinions, including $2 just for registering.

I don't seem to be receiving your survey invitations.

After successfully registering, you should receive our survey invites by email on a regular basis – at least one per month. If the program or website you use to access your e-mail includes spam filtering, please make sure to include support@loopsurveys.com in your contacts (also referred to as a white list, address book, safe senders or safe list) to ensure you continue receiving EVA online surveys and e-mail messages.

Does my account ever expire?

Like most programs, Loop surveys does have an account expiration policy. Accounts that have been ‘inactive’ for 12 months or more due to inactivity will expire.

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